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Marianas Pacific Airlines (Marianas Pacific) is a new international consumer airline in its formative stages. It is being established to revive the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) economy through the development of a CNMI based full-service passenger and cargo airline focused on growing tourism. The gap in the availability of services in and out of the CNMI coupled with the demand for customer travel on selected international routes indicate that a new entrant, locally based and focused, could be expected to increase the CNMI tourism base emanating from high yielding markets, and improve general economic stability.

The airline will operate as a United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved scheduled service Part 121 air carrier, allowing unrestricted worldwide operations.

Marianas Pacific’s operations will provide 52 flights a week on seven niche routes in the next three years using three US registered Boeing 757-200 aircraft. The planned routes will be accessible to over 313 million people in four countries within a 6 hour 15 minutes flying time of Saipan.  A cornerstone of the plan is to provide direct links to Saipan from Australia, a high yield tourism market that the Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA) has sought direct access to for many years.

Bluewater Airport is privately owned airport with an existing 1,600m sealed runway.

A Business plan has been prepared to expand the airport facilities to include a fully self-contained commercial flying academy for up to 200 Australian and overseas commercial flying students.

The Academy would be fully self-contained and operate to the highest International standards.

SAS will assist in gaining all building and educational approvals and the raising of the necessary capital.

Have provided strategic advice to a community funded helicopter rescue operation substantially supported by Government to work in conjunction with the Ambulance and hospital service.
Advice has been provided during a crucial contract re-negotiation and realignment of the business.

Produced a comprehensive business plan and investment briefing for a regional airline in Australia to capitalise on the loss of the previous operator from 3 destinations linking to a major capital City. Have come up with a traditional launch strategy to allow fast launch as funding was put in place and AOC cover negotiated.

Airline will be both low cost and low fares and provide key links to rural communities with additional mining links

Produced comprehensive business plan and investment briefing for a regional airline in Australia.Have come up with innovative launch strategy to allow fast launch. Have co-ordinated all corporate registrations and negotiations with Council, airports and stakeholders.

Disengaged with client when management and shareholdings changed

Chairman, Neil Hansford, has provided expert commentary on the Qantas restructuring and job reductions of 5,000 in addition commentary and analysis on the loss of Malaysian Airlines MH370 to media in Australia and Internationally on TV, radio and print media.

Interviews and analysis has appeared on BBC World Service, BBC News, BBC 5 live, BSkyB, Financial Times French News Agencies, Brazilian magazines, Malaysian TV, CNN in addition to ABC TV and Radio, Macquarie Radio network, 2GB, 2UE, 3AW, 4BC, News Corporation national syndication from Daily Telegraph, Wake Up on 0 network, 7 Network News.

Hansford has been recognised as an expert industry authority on financial and safety and operational issues and assessments have been supported by senior industry figures.

On behalf of a major developer an airport master plan has been analysed to highlight the flawed ANEF and capacity assumptions that have been used to restrict development of residential land resources.

On behalf of investors assessed their capital injection into an airline operating on a wet lease basis between a unique island tourist destination, Asia and Australia.

After initial assessment produced an operational plan to attempt to get the airline through to re-capitalisation or sale. Arranged a number of sales which all failed to settle after contract exchange and we advised the funders to close the operations. Addressed every aspect of the airline that had been launched including lack of traffic rights, inappropriate operating contracts and a totally flawed business model for both passenger and freight.

Previous Clients

Below is a selection of our Aviation Clients that we have arranged solutions for.

SAS produced all business plans for an international and domestic airline operation and assisted in investor presentations and seminars for a group of UK based ex-patriot Bangladeshi Nationals with the unique concept of a community funded airline operation linking both domestic and international communities.

In conjunction with associates assisted a major vendor to a new aircraft launch to have their systems specified by one of the “best of breed’ top 30 International carriers.

This required innovative sales strategies and negotiation innovation in addition to use of industry contact base to succeed in a very complex evaluation and selection process.

On behalf of indigenous shareholders completed an evaluation of current and future trading scenarios to ensure critical health services etc could be maintained. Recommendations were made and considered by the various indigenous investor groups.

SAS produced a fully comprehensive business and financial plan for a new domestic airline to service 24 centres throughout Northern, Western and North East India.. Proposals were sought by the promoters for SAS to implement the plan and operate the airline for up to 3 years.

On behalf of a listed Australian investment corporation we advocated the concept of a 5-8 heavy jet overnight air express network to the corporations having the major market shares in the Australian market. After accepting the concept this resulted in the industry solution going to tender.

In this project we arranged all business plans, response to the very detailed technical and financial tender, full funding and preparation for an IPO and application for a High Capacity RPT Air Operators Certificate in addition to sourcing and freighter conversion of the necessary aircraft assets..

Contract value was likely to exceed A$500 million


On behalf of a prominent International aircraft lessor carried out an assessment of a passenger carrier to allow them to decide the likely future prospects of the carrier to meet ongoing lease payments and repayment of arrears. Aircraft were left with the carrier who has traded to get all indebtedness current and future prospects are encouraging.

On behalf of European investors we negotiated the issue on an Air Operators Certificate and launch of a full maintenance facility to JAR 145 standards. This involved the full supervision of the corporate structure, all statutory paperwork and full operational and engineering manuals in addition to the recruitment of key post holders. Additionally we were involved in the presentation to potential client airlines plus attracting new opportunities for the company.

We have taken an active role as a shareholder in the development of a full suite of airline revenue and web booking software that is faster and capable of greater data mining capabilities than systems reliant on traditional “legacy” systems. The suite of software has a specific application in the tracking of passengers for national security organisations.

On behalf of European investors SAS negotiated the issue on an Air Operators Certificate and launch of a full maintenance facility to JAR 145 standards. This has involved the full supervision of the corporate structure, all statutory paperwork and full operational and engineering manuals in addition to the recruitment of key post holders. Additionally we were involved in the presentation to potential client airlines plus attracting new opportunities for the company.

On behalf of an AOC holder a full Business and Funding Plan was initially prepared and when finance was identified we then prepared the extensive documentation required by the CAA to satisfy financial fitness. SAS will implement the plan to launch on behalf of the equity investor and existing shareholder of the 8 aircraft “low cost” airline.

On behalf of European and Middle East interests an innovative business plan and funding document was prepared for an 8 aircraft regional network offering full combination carrier services. The project is likely to proceed and be implemented by us.

We were involved in the supervision of the acquisition and attachment to an AOC of a 10 seat near new Executive Jet for an offshore financial institution. Additionally we provide ongoing supervision of all contractors to ensure safe, secure operations.

On behalf of lenders foreclosed on a European JAR qualified carrier and resold it to new financial interests. Was involved in the stabilisation of the company and stepped in as the "Accountable Manager" to satisfy the regulators. Have initiated fleet expansion on a hosted basis and revised post holder structure to allow this expansion. SAS supervised the delivery of additional new business jets.

On behalf of an ongoing client worked with their joint venture partners to put together a business plan to construct an overnight express mail system in China including the planning and selection of a sorting hub. Project proceeded after 7 years with Chinese parties implementing without the involvement of SAS clients.

SAS introduced new shareholders to take over a troubled European passenger airline operating its own jet routes and franchise operations for one of top 5 World Airlines.

SAS assisted in the legal processes to enable re-capitalisation.

SAS were retained on an ongoing basis to supervise the acquisition of additional equipment, insurance renewals, engineering cost reductions, operational and handling cost reductions and strategic planning and revenue enhancement.

Co-ordinating the European fund raising and equipment acquisition for an exciting new 'no frills' domestic jet carrier.

Advising two vendors on the sale of their companies holding full European Air Operators Certificates.

In conjunction with a major client co-ordinated the strategy and production of a presentation documents in order to attempt to expand the participation in the operation of a 40-plus jet freighter fleet for the overnight express industry in Europe with revenues in excess of £70 million.

For a US client, have advised and taken part in negotiations to acquire an international/Domestic full service, full function US passenger and cargo carrier. Retained to carry out ongoing re-orientation, strategic planning and equipment selection. Have also introduced additional eligible shareholders.

On behalf of a major Asian investor with airline and aircraft leasing interests we brought together all the parties to utilise a network of over ten jet aircraft which has involved the setting up of hub sites, airline acquisitions, production of all documents to Memorandum of Understanding, and general project management.

As a by-product of the initial project a long haul wide bodied cargo airline was launched to operate on long haul sectors.

Contracted to an investment group to assist in the acquisition of an existing carrier and expansion of this carrier. To provide a fleet of Boeing 737-300 passenger and Quick Change aircraft to support back up requirements for major carriers plus ad hoc charter demands.

This is probably the most difficult assignment completed.

We produced the Business Plan for approval by financiers, banks and lessors to set up a domestic airline with modern turbo-prop equipment and to be operated to Western standards.

Having produced the Business Plan and Financial feasibility we advised the airline right through to start-up of services with leased Bombardier Dash 8-100 aircraft. In this time we negotiated every financial, legal, insurance, acceptance, maintenance and product support aspects. GMG Airlines operate to Western standards at European costs of leasing, finance, insurance and engineering despite Bangladesh having a difficult reputation in the financial and aviation world.

We launched this new regional passenger airline in under five months with full EC Licence, having recruited the entire infrastructure which included Flight & Cabin Crew, Accounts, Reservations, Engineering, Sales & Marketing and Handling (including Catering).

Within first six months of operation the Airline was flying fourteen turboprop aircraft within Europe having gained slots at major airports such as Paris, Manchester, Amsterdam, Brussels and Stansted.

Over 300,000 passengers were flown in the first year with excellent repeat business from business and leisure markets.

The Airline closed due to change in strategy of major investor, with all debts settled.

This Airline had operated for over forty years under various names and owners and required a new name, image, strategy and direction. Whilst in a CEO capacity SAS oversaw the following:
*Changed name, aircraft livery, uniforms, etc.
*Maintained profitability and serviced loan repayments of £2.5m per year and interest of £1.0m. per year.
*Expanded Jet fleet from two to eight.
*Re-oriented £35m turnover from 70% freight contracts to 70% passenger business at time when freight accounts were declining due to customers flying their own aircraft.
*Expanded the Company into Inclusive Tour flying for major operators.
*Secured BS5750 and I.S.O.9002 accreditation.
*Secured £15m Ministry of Defence UK/Germany trooping contract.
*Renegotiated £10m contract with Shell for carriage of offshore rig workers.
*Introduced new turbo prop equipment on extended Shell contract.
*Won three major annual contracts for Royal Mail Parcelforce for parcel carriage.

*Introduced new staff attitudes on the ground and in-flight.
*The Airline was winner in 1991 and runner up in 1992 as Charter Airline of the Year.
*The above was achieved during recession and no introduction of new capital.
*The existing management and operational teams were kept together doing process of change.

In CEO capacity set up from nothing the most modern jet line haul system in Europe for the carriage of express freight and courier material on an overnight across Europe basis.

Currently operates over 60 large jet aircraft freighters to sixty five airports across Europe from a Belgian mechanised sorting hub. International services are now operated with 747-400 freighters

By day the aircraft fleet serves the time critical air freight charter market.

Three individual new airlines were set up to avail the necessary traffic rights required to operate the overnight network. Five other airlines were franchised to operate aircraft on TNT’s behalf.

Full engineering facilities were established to maintain the fleet including heavy checks.

In addition an Asian network was established to mirror the European operation with a hub in Manilla.

This network utilised four large jet aircraft.

Since this was a totally new operation within the largest land based express company internationally, it was necessary to integrate the air network with the extensive road system plus co-ordinating with the customs authorities in all countries.

The success of this $1 billion capital project was obviously vital for the TNT Group.

The operation performed to 98% technical despatch reliability with management overheads running at only 5.5%.

As Chief Executive I maintained heavy involvement in crewing, flight management, major purchasing, industrial relations, bi-lateral arrangements, engineering, charter revenue generation, cost monitoring and control, ground handling, financial and statutory accounting, tax limitation, aircraft purchasing and leasing, relationships with Group companies and franchise airline operators and governments.

As CEO took Ansett Airfreight turnover from $50m to $150m with staff rising only from 800 to 1200 in under 2 years.

Yield was 80% higher than airline competitors.

Company grew to 52% of the Australian domestic air freight market.

I oversaw the launch of Ansett Air Freight in New Zealand, when deregulation allowed foreign entry into this protected market.

I represented the Ansett investment in Transcorp Airways in Hong Kong. Transcorp was set up to compete with the strong Asian Carriers on freight routes to Australia carrying primary produce and manufactured goods.

Was Executive Director responsible for Ansett International Air Freight which was one of very few Freight Forwarders owned and operated by an airline.

Changed the direct business base at Ansett from 52% to 84% to reduce reliance on group companies and competitors.

Given mandate to expand Group express air freight activities to all continents in the capacity as an Executive Director.

Whilst a Director of TNT, I was seconded to the German Post Office to assist them in reorganising their overnight mail network to change the mode utilised by the incumbent, or if necessary assist in the setting up of an airline on behalf of the Post Office to carry out the task themselves.

This had been deemed necessary in order to control rising costs and bring service levels up to the best offered in Europe.

The project was successful with service levels greatly improved and costs reduced by around DM50m per annum. This liaison continued after I left TNT and joined British World Airlines.